4 Month Update



15.4 lbs /  25.75 in

I really can’t believe Brayden is already 4 months old. I still feel like he is my little newborn. He is growing and learning so much I can’t take it. I really think I need to start journaling so I can remember all the little moments. Brayden loves rolling over and we literally can’t put him down without him going on his belly. He’s starting to pull himself along and I think he will start to crawl soon. He can already get himself up on his hands and knees and if I put him on a blanket on the floor, he always finds a way off it. He is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and any time he is upset, all I have to do is sing the theme song and he is smiling again. We typically only let him watch it in the morning after he eats and then it’s off for the day unless he’s having a really tough time. He is interested in everything and has started grabbing anything in his reach. He loves his puppies and always reaches out for Tank’s face and loves getting his hands licked. He’s started teething which is exciting and stressful since it makes him so grumpy and he drools all over everything.


He is currently eating 5.5 oz every 3-3 ½ hours. He loves his bottle and as soon as he sees it, reaches out and pulls it towards his mouth. We are still giving him his medicine for reflux and he’s spitting up a lot and I’m constantly changing his clothes and mine but, he seems more comfortable than he was before. He no longer screams while eating or burping and it makes us happy that he’s feeling better. We also tried baby food for the first time! The first thing we tried was bananas and he hated them but he seems to like sweet potatoes.


Sleep has been so rough this month. He used to sleep through the night but then one night, rolled on his belly in his swaddle so we had to stop swaddling his arms and that week he woke up every 20 minutes to an hour. It was so rough. Then he’d roll over and not be able to roll back and would scream. Naps were difficult too. I had to rock him to sleep and it could sometimes take 20 minutes to get him down only for him to wake up 20 minutes later.  It made doing anything impossible and got so frustrating. He would only let me put him to sleep so I spent a lot of my time having little meltdowns in the nursery while my husband relaxed in the living room.  He eventually started waking up less at night but still, we would have to go in and rock him back to sleep. This past week while Steve’s been home we’ve worked on sleep training and he has learned how to put himself to sleep! He’s taking longer naps and wakes less during the night. We usually only have to give him his pacifier and he falls right back to sleep. He rolls over on his side or belly to sleep and seems most comfortable that way. Steve went back to work this week so I’m really hoping he continues this good sleep so I can actually get some stuff done around the house (and honestly a little time to myself).


Despite the rough month we’ve had, I am still loving being home full time with him. We have such a close bond and I’m lucky that I get to be home to watch him learn new things. I can’t wait for warmer weather so we can start getting out of the house and for some walks around the park.



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