You’ve Got This Mama

Mama life is hard. There are days where I already want to cry at 8:00 in the morning because I’m so overwhelmed and Brayden is having an epic meltdown but refuses to go down for a nap, the sink is filled with dishes and bottles, the house desperately needs to be vacuumed, the dogs need to be fed, and there’s laundry everywhere. And all I want to do is lay in bed, pull the covers over my head and not come out for a day. I’ve put Brayden in his crib and let him cry for a few minutes just so I could walk away and take a moment to collect myself or eat a yogurt. I’ve lost my patience with him, the dogs, and myself. I get angry at my husband because he had to go to work and couldn’t finish burping B so he spits up all over both of us or he didn’t fill the humidifier before he left and it’s one more thing I have to get done. Then I feel like a shitty mom and a terrible wife because I’ve lost my patience and I’ve gotten mad.

It’s not always glamorous and fun and it doesn’t always look like the few sweet pictures posted to social media. And it can feel very lonely when you feel like you’re the only mess going through this. But, I know I’m not alone and there is a mama out there somewhere going through the same thing. And then Brayden stops and smiles and grabs my cheeks and everything doesn’t feel as horrible as it seems. As hard as it is, this job is so rewarding and I wouldn’t change it or wish these days away. We’re all doing the best we can and we’re doing a great job even if you put them down for a nap in clothes covered in spit up and let the laundry sit for a little longer. You’re not alone and you’re doing great. You’ve got this.


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