2 Month Update


12 lbs 6 oz / 24.5 in

A little late on the post but, our boy is 2 months old! He has been so smiley lately and it makes any bad day instantly a good one. He loves playing on his activity mat chatting away to the owl that hangs from it. He loves being put down on his changing table and kicks and flings his arms around while smiling and talking to the wall. My mom jokes that it’s a ghost but I think he just likes the shadows the lights cast on the ceiling. I think he would do it for hours if I let him. He rolled over the day he turned 2 months and for a few days rolled everytime we put him on his belly. He seems to have forgotten how to do it though and once we put him down for tummy time, he instantly gets angry if he can’t roll over. Poor little guy. He has been having tons of issues with his congestion and always has a stuffy nose. We think it’s caused by reflux and he was given medication for it at his 2 month appointment. So hopefully it starts to help him. This mama is getting sick of changing our outfits multiple times a day!


He’s eating every 2 hours almost on the dot and takes 3.5 oz. We’ve tried to up the amount we’re feeding him to space out how often he’s eating but anymore than 4 oz and he’s a pukey mess. His pediatrician mentioned it may be due to reflux and suggested we continue smaller, more frequent feedings. It’s pretty tiring, especially since he thrashes around while being burped but, it definitely helps with the spit up.


He’s sleeping through the night which has been amazing. I never imagined we would be this lucky. The first couple nights after he got his shots he woke up around 2:30 in the morning but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he reverts back to sleeping. We’ve gotten a pretty good schedule going during the day of eat, play, sleep. He plays for about 45 mins after eating and then is ready for a nap. We’ve been swaddling and putting him down in his crib to sleep but I still have to rock him to sleep. The naps are usually pretty short since he is eating every 2 hours so I typically only get about 30-45 mins to myself so I usually spend that time shoving granola bars and yogurt in my mouth and making another cup of coffee that will definitely get cold and by then he’s awake. But, he does get 2 longer naps in during the day at some point. And I usually watch the baby monitor the whole time…

We love this little guy and seriously, the time does fly by. I can’t believe he’s going to be 10 weeks old this Saturday. I just want time to stop sometimes and have him stay my little, snuggly baby forever but I’m looking forward to seeing more of his personality shine through! I am so lucky.

Staring up at the ceiling



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